1. Housing products are provided with a 24-month warranty.
  2. Door casters, frames are provided for 10 months. warranty.
  3. Electrical goods (halogen lamps, light bulbs, transformers, etc.) are not covered by the glass warranty.
  4. The warranty period starts to run from the date of acceptance of the goods – the date of the signing of the transfer.
  5. The irregularities of texture and shade of natural materials (oak, beech, birch, alder, etc.) are not considered to be a lack of quality goods.
  6. The guarantee does not apply to furniture, if the defects are due to improper use and maintenance of furniture, in violation of the furniture operating rules, scratches, scratches or other similar mechanical defects in the course of furniture.
  7. Furniture is made according to the standardized furniture manufacturing technology, which does not allow furniture to be properly adapted to areas with structural defects (non-compliance with the standards of the walls or floors of the walls or the perpendiculars of the walls, or the non-standard layout of the plumbing units).
  8. The furniture is suitable for domestic use in heated rooms without high temperature and humidity fluctuations and can not be used in active substances or in high humidity in the premises.
  9. High quality furniture is not refundable.

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