Frequently asked questions:

  1. What kind of furniture are you producing? We manufacture hull furniture, it’s kitchen furniture, living room and dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, children’s room furniture, hallway furniture, work room, office furniture, bathroom furniture.
  2. What materials do you use in production? Wood: oak, ash, alder, birch, pine; Plywood, FMDP (veneered wood chipboard), FMDF (veneered veneer of medium density wood veneer), MDF (medium density wood veneer), LMDP (laminated particle board).
  3. Do you produce standard furniture? We manufacture standard furniture, as well as produce unique, custom-made furniture.
  4. What style of furniture do you produce? Classical, Scandinavian and Modern Style Furniture.
  5. What is the furniture manufacturing experience? We produce since 2003.
  6. What is the difference between wooden and wood-veneer furniture? The furniture is covered with wood veneer hard to distinguish from natural wood furniture. However, such furniture does not reduce the quality of wood-solid furniture. After choosing this kind of furniture, you will not overpower, but you will enjoy high-quality, warm wood, with unique and unique writing furniture.



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