Doors and furniture elements

In order to maintain the integrity, style, shades and texture of the interior, we offer a variety of decorative elements – wall and ceiling decoration panels, furniture facades, skirting boards, wooden stairs, furniture, and various other interior decoration details for furniture or interior design giving a more beautiful look.
In the manufacture of non-standard furniture, we choose a variety of relief facades, cottages, ornaments, furniture legs, milling knobs, decorative details, roundabouts, cornices, pilasters and other items.

According to individual needs, we choose a wide range of materials – solid wood, plywood or MDF. The details of the wood decoration create a cozy atmosphere, giving the environment a sense of originality and exclusivity.

We produce wooden doors of oak and ash, MDF or FMDF with level or high profile.

The mass of the earth is the most popular hardwood, resistant to weather conditions and physical damage, and is also easily covered in various ways. Pine wood is most commonly used for painting and patina coating (for aging). This coating method is a result of handmade, which gives the door an exceptional look.

The oak array is the finer choice. The oak door is resistant to physical damage, moisture, and therefore less susceptible to expansion or contraction. It is lightly coated with different coating technologies, but is usually painted or varnished. The texture of the oak array is very visible and expressive.